What are the few mesmerizing facts about the Indian Railways

It is evident that there is no person in India without having heard the name of the Indian Railways. But have you ever wondered what are the facts that make our Indian Railways interesting? If you are also willing to get the answer for this then here you go, this article is just for you. Now let us know who invented Indian Railways, Indian Railways was invented by the Jaganath Shunkerseth and the first journey of the Indian Railways is between Bombay and Thane. When compared to other means of transport Railway Transport is cheap and best including the AC, Food facility etc. Additionally, get to know the few important facts about the Railway Sectors in India. Therefore, go ahead read the details given below.

What are the few mesmerizing facts about the Indian Railways

The certitude of Indian Railways

In this section, the aspirants can find the amazing verity of our Indian Railways Sector.

  • Our Indian Railways is the eight largest employers. It has 1.4 Million plus employees.
  • Indian Railways has the Luxurious trains but in a very few numbers. Few of them are “The Golden Chariot” that runs between Karnataka and Goa. “Palace on Wheels” which runs in Rajasthan, “The Deccan Odyssey” which begins in Maharashtra.
  • The Railway Department of India spends 94 Paisa of every rupee it earns.
  • The two Historical Railways that are listed in the World Heritage Site of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) List. And that are, Indian Mountain Railways and Chattrapati Sivaji Terminus.
  • The Dimond Crossing located in Nagpur. The name was given because it is the only place where the Train goes from East, West South and North.
  • Have you ever wondered about the electric goods fans and lights etc functions with 110 volts instead of the Indian Std 220 Volts? Because it acts as an effective counter for the robbers.
  • There are 8 Railway Museums in India. In Delhi, Pune, Kanpur, Mysore, Kolkata, Mysore, Kolkata, Chennai, and Tiruchirappalli. Among them, the Delhi Railway Museum is the largest.

Henceforth, hope that you got know few of the mesmerizing facts about the Indian Railway Recruitment Sectors.

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