Government Employment is the Great Work Option in Today’s Economy

One of the major issues faced in the economic growth of the country is unemployment. There are many negative repercussions on people and the whole society as well. There are many problems that lead to the unemployment in the state of Meghalaya. Due to slow industrial growth, focus on theoretical education, advanced technology, the rapid increase in population, lack of job opportunities for agricultural farmers, and slow industrial growth. When youth are jobless there is an obvious negative impact on the social and economic development of the country. Therefore, Meghalaya government has taken certain steps to solve these issues. It has promised to create at least one job for every youth in Meghalaya. It recommends the big investors in the state as they could create many jobs in the public sector to provide self-employment opportunities.

The state government is planning to make Meghalaya paradise through tourism. As Meghalaya is a tourist place it focuses on cultural tourism and employment so that two lakh candidates will be provided in the industry of tourism alone. Coal mining is also an important activity in Meghalaya. Most of the people are dependent on it but as of now, coal mining is closed down.  Jobs in Meghalaya create vocational institutions on job-based skill development. The central government has allocated around 25,417 crores to the state of Meghalaya. The tourism ministry has crossed over $27 billion in Meghalaya. So it contributes 12.36 percent to the entire employment and 6.88 percent GDP of the country. Meghalaya government jobs are offered to all community of the society like semi-literates, graduates, school dropouts, and illiterate people and postgraduates. Today’s modern people has seen a tremendous development in private sectors but on saturation phase, people have changed to start to focus on government jobs including experience private sector employees and as well as fresher’s.

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