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Job Tackler was formed by some of the top corporate recruitment professionals in the investment banking industry. While many agency recruitment firms exist to serve their clients (large corporations), a gap exist in the corporate recruitment industry where the needs of the job seeker aren’t being met. Often times, candidates think of recruitment firms as a resource to help them find a job. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

While many recruitment agencies do offer ad-hoc services such as professional resume review, their primary function is fill a professional role for the employer, leaving job seekers shortlisted in an overwhelming sea of competition. As a job seeker in today’s market, saving time is everything.

Your busy waiting for call backs, moving to and from first, second and third round interviews. Often times your profile is screened by an applicant tracking system and never makes its way in front of a human being. Our specially trained consultants work with you to optimize your professional profile to fit your specific needs. We won’t just give you “fluffy” coaching advice, or turn out a resume to you without in depth analysis. We’ll provide you with quality tools to generate interest in your professional background without the unnecessary hefty price tag.

Recently terminated from your job?

Job Tackler has a special service for fast tracking job applicants into new roles. Watch our video to learn more.